Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New Series! - Tuesday Trends - First Look

We are very excited to announce we will be starting a new series this week! Tuesday Trends will be focusing on wedding trends of all kinds. The good, the bad, the bizarre and the outdated, we’re going to cover it all one Tuesday at a time.

To kick us off we are going to talk about a trend that is not only up and coming but is rapidly gaining popularity over an old tradition. We’re talking about the first look.

The first time a groom sees his bride is such an iconic moment, it’s romanticized in movies, books TV shows and it’s what every guest claims is their favorite part of that special day. Now if you have ever been anywhere near pinterest you know there are about a million photos of these reactions…they are a HUGE deal and the pressure to get that picture perfect reaction has never been more real. More and more couples however, are choosing to forego the tradition of not seeing each other before the aisle and do what is called a “first look”.

Basically what happens is the couple will set aside some time after getting ready, but before the ceremony begins, to see each other all dolled up and to have a private moment (with a photographer present of course) to take a deep breath and just enjoy their last moments of unmarried life together. Now this, just like any other trend is giving people something to think about, and in our experience there are some serious mixed feelings about it.

On one hand people are loving the idea of having a moment to themselves before a day of meeting and greeting and kissing babies, but on the other hand some people are thinking that a first look doesn’t give enough “wow” factor for their liking. Both of these opinions are valid, and it honestly comes down to the personality of the couple. Practically speaking a first look allows more time for one on one photos with your honey-to-be and can yield some seriously romantic pics. I find that the people who are most hesitant about going this non-traditional route are not even the couples themselves, but the family and friends who feel they are losing the opportunity to be witness to “the moment”, but rest assured mom and dad, the aisle moment is still there and it’s still pretty darn cute. 

Before deciding to first look or not to first look, talk to your photographer and see what they have to say, they may have photos in their gallery that change your mind. Most importantly though, talk to each other! Nobody knows what will work for you better than you…besides maybe your wedding planner of course ;) 

Lauren + Kody Photo By Dina Remi Studios

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