Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday Trends - Anniversary Dance

It’s Tuesday again!

Last week we talked about a trending ceremony tradition, this week we’re switching gears and talking about a fun game of sorts, that takes place during a reception.  Now some of you may be thinking that there are already too many things to squish into your allotted reception time, or that reception games and traditions are too cheesy for your liking…however I seriously urge you to give this idea a second thought.  

The Anniversary Dance has to be one of my favorite wedding games/dances. Here’s how it works; Your DJ will ask that all married couples come out to the dance floor for a special dance, once they are all out there dancing they will ask that anyone married less than 24 hours take a seat. At this point everyone oo’s and aww’s as the newlyweds have to make their way back to their table and sit because they have obviously lost the game. From this point on, the DJ keeps increasing the required length of marriage to stay on the dance floor; 1 year, 5 years, 20 etc. until finally you have the one couple present that has been married the longest. Your DJ will ask this very special couple what their secret is, or how they’ve lasted so long and the answer is always hilariously heartwarming. It’s usually somewhere along the lines of “Never go to bed angry.” or “Just do whatever she says.” wise, wise words…

Now if you don’t have any older married couples present on your big day then this game might not be the best option for you, but if you do it is so worth making time for. It's a great time to get those that normally don't dance out on the floor, that one dance of the night for that husband who knows his wife would be pleased if they went out there. This not only gets your guests involved and out on the floor (a DJ loves a full dance floor), but it gives other guests a chance to sit back and just appreciate the beauty of  long lasting love and devotion, which is after all what everyone is there to celebrate in the first place. 

Photo By Dina Remi Studios


  1. What a great idea and an amazing photo op!

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